30 minute Supernatural Challenge

Since i don’t have the attention span to do it in days

Minute 1 - Your favorite character

Castiel. Hands down. I also love Death, Sam and Dean

Minute 2 - Your least favorite character

Samuel. So happy he died.

Minute 3 - Your favorite season

Season 5.

Minute 4 - Your least favorite season

Season 6. Every minute was a stab to my heart.

Minute 5 - Your favorite episode

That’s tough but i’m thinking Swan Song.

Minute 6 - Your least favorite episode

In all honesty, bugs is probably the worst episode plot wise and all that but i would watch it a thousand times over The Man Who Would Be King simply because i feel like my heart gets ripped out of my chest everytime i watch that episode. 

Minute 7 - Your favorite Dean crying scene

Heaven and Hell when Dean tells Sam about torturing people. So fucking sad. Jensen acted his ass off.

Minute 8 - Your favorite Sam crying scene

No Rest For The Wicked. Sam just lost his whole world.

Minute 9 - Your favorite Dean death scene(s)

Either Dean dying from the axe for eating the taco in Mystery Spot.

Minute 10 - Your favorite Sam/other death scene

Misha Collins or Eric Kripke in The French Mistake.

Minute 11 - Your favorite quote

Obviously there are a lot. There are some really good ones in Swap Meat when that kid is in Sam’s body and in The French Mistake but for some reason i really love


Minute 12 - Your favorite funny scene


Minute 13 - A scene that makes you sad/cry

Dean and Cas in The Man Who Knew Too Much after Cas eats all the souls.

Minute 14 - A scene that makes you happy

Everything about Free to Be You and Me.

Minute 15 - A scene that makes you angry

When everyone gangs up on Castiel in the holy fire. He did it to save you assholes. He didn’t go to Dean for help because he was happy and didn’t want to put him through any more. And Sam’s got some fucking nerve lecturing anyone about lying after the shit he pulled in season 4.

Minute 16 - An episode that scared you

The only episode that ever scared me was Everybody Loves a Clown. ‘Cause clowns are creepy as fuck.

Minute 17 - Your favorite SPN friendship

Sam and Castiel. Dean and Cas are beyond friendship.

Minute 18 - Your favorite SPN romance

Destiel till i die.

Minute 19 - Your favorite SPN song

I’m going to go with the obvious here, Carry On My Wayward Son. It gives me the feelings.

Minute 20 - Your favorite recap

What do you mean by recap?

Minute 21 - Your favorite character entrance


Minute 22 - Your favorite minor character


Minute 23 - The character that is most like you

None of them are really like me but closest would be Dean.

Minute 24 - An episode you wish never happened

The Man Who Would Be King.

Minute 26 - Your favorite SPN fanvid

Right now it’s Sanctus Espiritus by ilona732


Minute 27 - Your favorite season intro episode

Season 5.

Minute 28 - Your favorite season finale

Season 5.

Minute 29 - Your favorite SPN fanfic

I don’t read fanfic.

Minute 30 - Anything SPN related

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